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Run Flat Tyre Repair

Usually a puncture means you’re not going anywhere without stopping and replacing your tyre first. But that’s not the case with Bridgestone’s Run Flat Tyre. It’s specially designed to let you travel up to a distance 80 kilometres  (staying under 90km per hour) even after a puncture.

Advantages of Bridgestone’s Run Flat Tyre

  • You can bring your car to a safe location even when the tyre is punctured.
  • You don’t have to change the tyre yourself.
  • You won’t need to carry a spare tyre, freeing up space and improving overall fuel efficiency.

Conditions of our Run Flat Tyre repair:

  • The stores listed have the ability to service Run Flat Tyres.
  • Run Flat Tyres can only be fitted to vehicles with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).
  • We recommend Run Flat Tyres are only fitted to vehicles that have Run Flat Tyres fitted as Original Equipment.

This service is available at selected stores only. Please call first.